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Kitchen & Bathroom Remodels

Are you currently looking for a licensed plumbing contractor to help with your kitchen or bathroom remodel?


The team at Kraken Plumbing would be happy to meet you onsite and provide an estimate for your upcoming remodel project.


When planning out a remodel project it is important to consider the different phases of the plumbing project including the rough-in and trim phase.



Kitchen Remodel Palm Coast Flagler Beach Florida

Some of the often overlooked benefits of upgrading your  plumbing system during a remodel project include the following:

1. Improved water flow: Old plumbing can become clogged or corroded, which can lead to reduced water flow. Replacing the plumbing can improve the water flow in your kitchen, making it easier to use the sink and appliances.


2. Increased efficiency: New plumbing fixtures and pipes can be more energy-efficient, potentially saving you money on your water bills.


3. Enhanced safety: Older plumbing systems may be prone to leaks or breakages, which can cause damage to your home and create safety hazards. Upgrading to new plumbing can prevent these issues.

4. Improved aesthetics: New plumbing fixtures can also add a touch of style and modernity to your kitchen.

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